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Decks & Screen Porches, Rockville, MD

Diversified Contractors LLC is synonymous with creating stunning decks and screen porches that elevate the essence of outdoor living in the MD, DC Metropolitan region. Our dedication lies in designing spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics, functionality, and comfort.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are an example of craftsmanship at its finest. Our team leverages its expertise to transform raw materials into spaces that capture your aspirations.

Perfectly Designed, Durable Decks

Our decks transcend the ordinary, reimagining outdoor spaces into havens of relaxation and entertainment, reflecting our expertise, tailored to your unique style and preferences. We understand your aspirations through collaborative consultation, allowing us to curate designs that integrate with your home's architecture perfectly.

Employing premium materials, we ensure your deck not only exudes elegance but stands the test of time. Flawless execution is at the core of our deck-building process. From the initial concept to the final nail, we plan every step meticulously and execute it precisely.

Our artisans blend their skill with creativity, resulting in decks as resilient as they are visually captivating. Whether you envision a cozy spot for intimate gatherings or an expansive area for grand festivities, these installations manifest your outdoor dreams.

High-Quality Screen Porches

Screen porches bridge the gap between indoor luxury and outdoor splendor, offering a seamless fusion of comfort and elegance. Our designs harmonize effortlessly with your home's architecture, becoming natural extensions that complement its aesthetics. By shielding you from the elements while preserving the panoramic views, our screened porches create a tranquil oasis you can enjoy year-round.

We focus on practicality when crafting these features. Our team understands the delicate balance between style and functionality, ensuring that our designs provide an outdoor sanctuary that encapsulates the spirit of the seasons. We guarantee that the screen porch exudes sophistication and serves as a retreat for relaxation, reflection, and connection.

Our Customized Approach to Deck and Screen Porch Construction

At our company, we put you at the heart of every decision. Our approach is founded on collaboration, as we believe that the best results are achieved through understanding your preferences and aspirations.

Each deck and screen porch we create is a personalized solution that mirrors your lifestyle and vision. Our consultative process involves in-depth conversations, design exploration, and the presentation of tailored proposals that align with your budget and aspirations.

Starting on your decks or screened porch project with us is simple and comprehensive, and we follow this process:

  • It begins with an initial consultation where we dig deep into your vision and expectations.
  • Design exploration is next, as we collaborate on ideas and approaches that resonate with your preferences.
  • Our team then presents tailored proposals that align with your budget and aspirations, ensuring that every aspect of your vision is incorporated into the final plan.

Our team is ready to assist with inquiries, information, and consultation. Contact Diversified Contractors LLC to learn how our deck and screen porch services can enhance your outdoor living experience. Call us at 301-670-0868 or Contact Us through this form and schedule an on-site appointment.

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