Outdoor Living Areas

More and more Maryland property owners are discovering the beauty of developing their outdoor areas. Today, outdoors are not only dominated by gardens but of outdoor living areas that practically widen and expand the available livable space. And here at Diversified Contractors, LLC, we create some of the best outdoor living amenities that will make your stay truly comfortable, relaxing, and fun.

Outdoor Living Areas that We Design and Build

When it comes to creating functional and beautiful outdoor living areas, you can trust Diversified Contractors, LLC. Accordingly, these are some of the outdoor living amenities that we design and build for our Maryland clients:

  • Pergolas. Make your garden or walkway a bit more relaxing to stay at or walk on by having a pergola. Pergolas traditionally have vines and other plants that form a canopy to provide shade and protection from the elements.

  • Gazebos. Another interesting and worthy addition to any outdoor area is a gazebo. This structure can serve as a resting area where you can have chit-chat with your friends or spend quality time with your kids. You can have a screened or an open type gazebo and you can choose from the traditional hexagon shape or have a circular one instead.

  • Outdoor kitchens. One of the most sought-after amenities in outdoor living areas is an outdoor kitchen. It provides you a way to cook food and dine with your family or guests in al fresco manner. You can choose from the various types such as stucco, brick, stone, custom, and commercial.

  • Decks. Whether it’s a pool deck or a viewing deck, our expert builders can guarantee an outdoor structure that will amaze and inspire rest and relaxation. We will give you the freedom to choose from various deck materials such as paver, natural stone, wood, concrete, and others.

  • Patios. Patios can make any ordinary-looking outdoor space stand out with their sheer beauty. Accordingly, you can choose from different designs such as Roman, Old World, Greek, Contemporary, and the like.

  • Cabanas. Cabanas are excellent additions since they provide utmost rest and relaxation. You can choose from an open type cabana or pick the enclosed variation for privacy and protection. It can be placed beside a pool, a garden, or anywhere you fancy.

Hire Maryland’s Outdoor Living Experts

When it comes to creating exceptional outdoor living areas, we at Diversified Contractors, LLC are the best ones you can find in Maryland. For one, we will carefully consider your lifestyle, preferences, and needs when doing our design plans for the amenities that you request. This will allow us to ensure that you will fully benefit from each amenity that we will create for you.

We will also use only the best materials that we can find and source from our trusted suppliers. Our builders know that it’s important to have only high quality materials to ensure that the amenities will last for decades without losing their beauty and functionality. And best of all, our rates are among the lowest and most competitive that you can find. So hire us today and let us build you stunning and functional outdoor living areas that you will love and appreciate.

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