Flagstone is usually the first option of property owners and landscaping contractors when creating hardscape structures. And here at Diversified Contractors, LLC, we specialize in hardscape design and build projects using flagstones as primarily materials. If you wish to achieve an outdoors that is functional as it is stunning, just hire us and we’ll make it happen.

Why Natural Stones are Perfect for Hardscaping

Natural stones—like flagstone—are preferred by builders and owners of residential properties and commercial establishments because of their wonderful benefits. These benefits include:

  • Design flexibility. One of the reasons why property owners invest thousands of hard-earned money to upgrade their landscape’s look is to have a personalized look. The beauty of flagstones, granite, marble, slate, and other natural stones is their diverse color and texture options. With this, achieving a highly detailed, custom look is a breeze.

  • Durability. Arguably, among the world’s most lasting concrete structures are made of natural stones. From the Great Pyramid to the Mayan temples, natural stones played a great role. Up to this day, these materials are still heavily favored because of their enduring qualities.

  • Unique beauty. It’s hard not to fall in love with the innate and peculiar beauty of natural stones. Be it an outdoor fireplace, a deck, or a garden walkway, natural stone is meant to awe and inspire.

Flagstones—Our Material of Choice

Among all available natural stones, we prefer flagstones when we’re tasked to create outdoor structures like walkways, gazebos, and sitting walls. The reasons why we love using them include:

  • All-weather qualities. Since outdoor structures are constantly exposed to weather changes, it’s important to use material that can withstand damages caused by such climate factors. Flagstone is a great material in this regard since it is basically an all-weather material that will stay attractive and will not wear and tear.

  • Beauty. Flagstones have that innate nature appeal that can even be enhanced under skilled hands. They possess rich color palette that can effortlessly enhance an outdoor area’s beauty. The material exudes an earthy feel that relaxes and soothes the soul.

  • Timelessness. Flagstone structures are meant to last forever. So if you want to have outdoor hardscapes that even your children and grandchildren can enjoy, then this is the material of choice.

  • Ease of maintenance. One of the main concerns of a lot of property owners is the maintenance requirements of outdoor structures. With flagstones, such worry is completely discarded. Maintaining flagstone structures requires little or no maintenance efforts at all, hence translating to huge savings over time.

Flagstone is usually used to create patios, garages, walkways, driveways, man-made waterfalls, decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and sitting walls. It can even be used as cladding material for exterior walls. As long as it’s an outdoor structure, flagstones can be used because of their weather-resistant and decorative qualities.

With all these wonderful benefits, it’s truly an exciting prospect to use flagstone for the outdoors and other areas inside your property. And we have the manpower, skills, expertise, and tools to give you extraordinary structures using such material. Call us today. We serve Derwood and other nearby areas in Montgomery County.

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