Retaining Walls

Many yards in Maryland happen to rest on slopes, so it makes sense to build retaining walls to protect one’s lawn or garden from soil erosion and water runoff. But even if your yard has no grading issues, these types of walls are still beneficial additions to your yard. They add dimension and depth to your landscape, making it more interesting and elegant-looking.

If you are looking for a retaining wall contractor in the Montgomery area, we can help you. Based in Derwood, Diversified Contractors, LLC has been designing and building decorative and structural retaining walls for residential and commercial clients for many years.

Our specialists are experts at custom-building retaining walls for any kind of terrain or slope. We build structures that are not only functional, but also attractive. These structures add more usable space in your landscape and also improve its aesthetic value. We can design and install walls of all sizes, shapes, and lengths—from simple accent walls and seating walls, to tiered walls with built-in planters. We use only high quality concrete blocks to ensure that you’ll have strong and durable structure.

Improving Landscape Safety and Usability

Our retaining walls are built to hold off soil and rock and protect your yard from soil erosion and water runoffs. With these structures in your property, the drainage will be dramatically improved because they help redirect water flow. They also provide more space for growing vegetation by adding planting beds.

Getting Creative with Retaining Walls

At Diversified Contractors, LLC, retaining walls are more than just vertical arrangements of concrete blocks. We will infuse creativity into the design to provide you with structures that are not only functional, but also visually appealing. We will likewise ensure that they can add beauty and elegance to your landscape.

Getting creative with Diversified Contractors, LLC is easy. We have a large selection of colors, textures, and sizes of concrete blocks for you to choose from. We treat every client as our co-designer so your ideas are valuable to us. During consultation, we listen to your ideas and needs.

Our walls are beautiful by themselves, but they can also be used to create a vertical garden or a raised planting bed. We can build planter boxes or beds into the wall so you can turn your hardscape into a greenscape. We can also integrate water features like fountains and ponds into them if desired.

Retaining Wall Materials

Diversified Contractors, LLC want to make sure that you get retaining walls that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. This is why we use segmental retaining wall blocks that provide exceptional stability and strength. They allow for designs that can match any outdoor environment. They also offer the same beauty and elegance as natural stones, but at just half the cost.

Additionally, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions and require practically no maintenance. Segmental retaining wall blocks are likewise easy to install, thus allowing us to complete projects quickly.

If your property is in Derwood or in neighboring areas in Montgomery County, call us. Our retaining wall specialists are ready to assist you in designing and building retaining walls for your home or commercial property.

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