Among the most visually appealing and highly functional outdoor additions that you can have for your property are patios. These outdoor living amenities combine form and function in one neat package that you will surely like. Whether you’re aiming for a classic Roman look or a more contemporary American style, we at Diversified Contractors, LLC can build the patio of your dreams.

Our Patios - Extraordinary Outdoor Additions

Patios are traditionally built for rest and recreation purposes and positioned close to the main building or house. And while they are generally detached and without roofing, some of the newer models can be attached to the house or building and have roofing built for an all-weather construction. They are also now being used for other purposes such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, outdoor meetings, and the like. The purposes and designs have taken on a whole new dimension, making them sought-after outdoor structures.

Accordingly, we offer various patio designs such as Spanish, Roman, Greek, Contemporary, Old World, Modern, and many others. We also use only premium materials for our patios—from natural stones or pavers for the flooring to durable wood and aluminum materials for the roofing and walls. We could likewise use other materials such as brick, concrete slabs, terracotta tiles, and others. The materials that we use ultimately conform to your home’s or commercial building’s existing design, as well as with your design taste.

Additionally, we can include other amenities such as fireplace, mini waterfalls, outdoor furniture, a small garden, bar, outdoor kitchen, and many others. There is in fact no limit to the amenities that we can include as long as your budget permits.

Ultimately, the patios that we create exude timeless beauty and an enduring build that you and your family, guests, or friends can marvel at and enjoy for decades to come.

Hire the Best Patio Creators in Maryland

When it comes to creating extraordinary patios, we consider ourselves as the best ones in the state of Maryland. We have a staff of veteran designers, stonemasons, and builders who can work on residential and commercial properties. Our people have the skill set needed to tackle every imaginable patio creation task with relative ease and efficiency.

With our solid partnerships with the industry’s most trusted materials suppliers, we have unlimited and ready access to the best quality materials possible. This allows us to achieve any design that our clients could possibly want. Moreover, we offer our services at very flexible rates so that we can cater to property owners with budget restrictions.

Finally, we bring forward our dedication for excellence so you’re assured of our 100 percent dedication to your project. When you hire us, you will be working with consummate craftsmen with an incredible drive to bring total client satisfaction. At the end of the day, we guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth with the results that we will provide you.

For more details on our services, you can drop by our office or call us for faster response. We look forward to building the patio of your dreams.

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